Kitty Donahoe
Saturday, March 15th 2014
About the artist:
Kitty will be Accompanied by Suzanne Camino on accordion and other instruments and her daughter Elena on fiddle. Growing up in a large, creative family outside of Detroit, Kitty began 'making up songs' at an early age. An avid reader, she developed a love of languge and an ear for melody at a young age and by the time she was in hgh school she was singing her songs at open mic nights, talent shows, and small coffeehouses. After a few years of travelling around the country and Canada, Kitty settled down in mid-Michigan in her 20's and began pursuing her career full-time, often touring to the East Coast of the US to perform in such iconic venues as Club Passim and Cafe Lena's. She played piano at 5, added guitar at 15, and eventually bought a cittern to round out her sound.